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Minato City libraries conduct “Book Start”. Book Start is a program aimed at parents/guardians of babies up to 12 months old. The program introduces the fun and importance of parents reading books with their children.

Minato City libraries provide simple, 15 minute individual explanations of the program as well as a picture book. Please visit your local library on Book Start meeting days, and bring your Child-rearing Handbook with you.

For Book Start dates and times, see Koho Minato, Minato Monthly, or the Minato City website. For Enquiries, contact Minato Call on 03-5472-3710.


Minato City publishes ‘Minato Monthly’, an English newsletter, on the first of each month. It contains information on Minato City’s administrative services and local events, health check notices, and a library events calendar etc.

Minato Monthly is available at the main Minato City facilities, such as the city hall, regional city offices and the Daiba Annex, each city library, and Civic centers, as well as at the main post offices in Minato City and at some subway stations. It is delivered along with subscriptions of the Japan Times/International New York Times too.

It can be viewed on the Minato City website. The newsletter can also be sent free of charge to the homes of foreign residents of Minato City. If you would like to make use of this service, please apply through the request form on the homepage, or enquire with Minato Call on 03-5472-3710.


(Audio) 30th December 2019 / 2nd January 2020 ON AIR: Book Start / Minato Monthly