Covid19 Consultation Phone Lines

Shinagawa Info

Shinagawa Info

26th/27th August 2021

This week’s edition is on Covid19 consultation phone lines.

Multiple cases of COVID19 have been confirmed in Shinagawa City too.

Please take measures to prevent infection, such as wearing a mask, thoroughly washing your hands, and avoiding the 3 C’s ; Closed spaces”, “Crowded places”, and “Close contact”.

For consultations on Covid19 infection, call the following numbers:

- If you have symptoms such as a fever, but do not have a family doctor, call the Tokyo Fever Consultation Center on 03-5320-4592.

It is available 24 hours a day.

Calls are dealt with in 12 languages.

- If you are a foreigner requiring consultation on concerns about the spread of infection or the impact it is having on daily life, call Tokyo Multilingual Consultation Navi on 03-6258-1227.

It is available on weekdays only, and calls are handled in 15 languages.

For enquiries about Covid19 vaccinations, call the Shinagawa Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center on 03-6633-2433.

Available languages are English and Chinese.


(Audio) 26th/27th August 2021 ON AIR: Covid19 Consultation Phone Lines






・発熱などの症状がある方のうち、かかりつけ医がいない方は、東京都発熱相談センター 電話番号 03-5320-4592 まで、ご相談ください。


・感染拡大に伴う不安や生活への影響に関する外国人の方のご相談は、東京都多言語相談ナビ 電話番号 03-6258-1227 までお願いします。


・新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種のお問い合わせは、品川区新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種コールセンター 電話番号 03-6633-2433 までお願いします。