Please Prepare for Sudden Localized Downpours

Shinagawa Info

Shinagawa Info

2nd/3rd September 2021

Torrential rain resulting from typhoons etc requires caution.

In order to prevent flooding damage due to localized heavy rain, it is important to gather information on downpours and prepare for them in everyday life.

Shinagawa City uses various forms of media such as Shina-mail and SNS to distribute emergency/disaster prevention information.

In order to receive information smoothly in the event of a disaster, it is helpful to register/follow such services before anything happens.

Please stay abreast of the latest weather conditions through such means as the Shinagawa City website, the Japan Meteorological Agency and Tokyo Metropolitan Government websites, and Cable TV Shinagawa.

For enquiries, call the Disaster Prevention Section at Shinagawa City Office on 03-5742-6695.


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お問い合わせは、品川区役所 防災課 電話番号03-5742-6695までお願いします。