PSA Yokohama

Public Service Announcement for Yokohama City

1st December 2021

The Art Illumination event, ‘Yorunoyo’, is being held this year too in the Shinko area of the Minatomirai district, so that visitors can enjoy Yokohama nights.

This year, the theme is ‘FLOW’. 

New value gained from last year’s theme of ‘CROSS, the intersection of people, things, and culture’ flows through the lights and music to express a “Yokohama-ness” that continues to develop even further.

Eight times a day, for five minutes at a time, Shinko Central Square and 27 surrounding facilities coordinate to produce a special program of dynamic lights and music to showcase the port nightscape unique to Yokohama.

This year, for the first time, the waterfront along Red Brick Park and Yamashita Park has been added to the production, so from the viewing spot of Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal, people can experience the lights and music on an urban scale never seen before. 

Inside the sparkling "Cross Dome" in Shinko Central Square, stereophonic technology is used in the music and lights, imbuing visitors with a strong sense of presence. 

Visitors can also enjoy the effects of the music and lights that flow, stop and change throughout the square as a whole.

Hama-Burari, a migration promotion campaign is being held in conjunction with ‘Yorunoyo’, so visitors can fully enjoy the city of Yokohama. 

The campaign includes a digital stamp rally, where participants can get great prizes by collecting stamps around the city and digital coupons for over 100 shops that give coupon holders shop-original benefits, such as a free drink.

"YORUNOYO -YOKOHAMA CROSS NIGHT ILLUMINATION-" is being held from 5pm - 9:05pm until December 26th.

“NIGHT VIEWING”, the city-wide production of lights and music, will be held for 5 minutes every half hour from 5:30pm to 9pm.

Please see the homepage for details.