2019 ITU World Triathlon – Yokohama

PSA Yokohama

On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May, the '2019 ITU World Triathlon – Yokohama’ will be held around Yokohama Yamashita Park.

Triathlon is an official Olympic category where participants compete in a race consisting of three parts; swimming, cycling and running. The distances are usually 1.5km for swimming, 40km for cycling and 10km for running.

This competition is the world's greatest yearlong serialized triathlon competition. It will take place in 8 cities around the globe, with Yokohama hosting the third round in the series. This year is the 10th time the competition is being held.

Taking place on the 18th, will be the Elite Category, in which the world’s top athletes including Olympic and Paralympic medalists will compete. On 19th, the Age Group Category will be held, in which competitors from the general public will take part.

The best area for watching the races is Yamashita Park, the starting line for all categories! The park is also the transition point for the different categories and the finish line too, so spectators will be able to enjoy the races fully.

An EXPO will also be taking place at the park from 8am.

As well as being able to watch exciting live footage on a big screen, visitors can enjoy stage performances of dance and music, sales of sports goods, and food and drink.

Please visit the EXPO as well as watching the races.