Yokohama Hammerhead

PSA Yokohama

“Yokohama Hammerhead”, a complex made up of food-themed commercial facilities and a luxury hotel, has opened in Minatomirai’s Shinko district. At its core is a passenger ferry terminal.

The concept behind the ”Yokohama Hammerhead” complex is  “Yokohama Sea Station”. It is hoped that the facility will become a sea station that links the city with land, the sea and the sky with the aim of furthering growth throughout the port city. The target is for visitors to feel the culture of Yokohama and for the complex to become a new base for spending quality “Minato Time”.

The name “Hammerhead “ comes from the British made crane of the same name, which was the first cargo dedicated crane to be installed in Japan, around the same period that Shinko Wharf was completed in 1914.

In 2001, the crane’s 88 year role of unloading cargo came to an end, as containers became the mainstream in marine freight. Now the crane remains as the symbol of the “Yokohama Hammerhead” complex, welcoming passenger ferries entering Shinko Wharf.

In the facility's experience-based commercial zone, “Hammerhead SHOP & RESTAURANT”, there are 25 carefully selected stores based on the theme “Enjoy Minato on the Wharf”.

There are also stores from overseas that are opening in Japan for the first time, as well as shops that take the form of workshops where you can experience making sweets.

In addition, “InterContinental Yokohama Pier8” owned and operated by “Yokohama Grand Intercontinental Hotel” will be established. This is a luxury hotel where you can enjoy some relaxed adult Minato time.

This autumn, please visit the Shinko area, which is experiencing renewed bustle.

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