Topics for August 3rd & 4th


At Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal, where travelers from

Japan and abroad come and go all day long, a showroom titled, "The Secrets of Tokyo’s Traditional Crafts: The more you know, the more interesting it gets" will be set up for a limited time. The showroom will feature 41 traditional crafts of Tokyo, in addition to demonstrations to experience the craftsmanship and workshop for traditional crafts. You can even purchase souvenirs at shops offering craft products for daily use. Please take this opportunity to discover Tokyo’s world-class crafts. The event is held through August 6th. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The last day will close at 5 p.m. The venue is Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal.

国内外から多くの人が訪れ、一日中賑わいの絶えない羽田空港国際線旅客ターミナルで、『はじめての東京都伝統工芸品 東京都伝統工芸品41品目』と題した期間限定のショールームを開設しています。会場では、東京都伝統工芸品41品目の紹介をはじめ、職人の匠の技を間近で体感できる実演展示、来場者も伝統工芸の技にチャレンジできる製作体験、



This summer, the Bureau of Transportation will be operating the "Summer Breeze Train" as a limited time project for the Toden Arakawa Line, also known as the Tokyo Sakura Tram. Until August 30 th, you can enjoy a ride on a blue retro Toden car No. 9002 decorated with summertime scenes on the windows and the interior. Please spend a memorable summer vacation on the Tokyo Sakura Tram. Please note that the train will not be operating on some days due to circumstances such as vehicle inspections. Also, as a tie-up event, a special summer vacation campaign will be held through August 30th, offering gifts and exclusive discounts. The operation schedule for the blue retro vehicle Arakawa Line 9002 can be viewed online. For details, please refer to the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation website. The site is accessible from computers and smartphones.


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