Topics for November 2nd & 3rd


The "Toei Transportation Customer Center" operated by the Bureau of Transportation has established the "Foreign Language Dial" in order to provide further support for visitors from overseas. Inquiries about fares, tickets, operation information, lost items, as well as opinions about services and facilities are accepted in 5 languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese. The service uses the three-way calling system of a private multilingual call center. The Toei Foreign Language Dial is 03-3816-5711. Reception hours are from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The service is open all year round, so please use the service for your sightseeing needs in Tokyo.



In autumn, chrysanthemum exhibitions are held across Japan. Since 1915, Hibiya Park’s “Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition” has been offering one of the best chrysanthemums in both quality and quantity. The display features around 1,000 different kinds of chrysanthemums, including bonsai and cut flowers, as well as prize-winning flowers chosen by the Prime Minister and the Governor of Tokyo. This is a great chance to indulge in the Japanese autumn as you view the beautifully grown chrysanthemums. The show runs through Sunday, November 17th at the grass field at Hibiya Park. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, with events ending at 12 noon on the final day. To get to Hibiya Park, take the Tokyo Metro Lines to Kasumigaseki or Hibiya stations and walk about 2 minutes. Or go to Yurakucho station on the JR or Metro Lines and walk about 7 minutes. There is no admission fee for this event. For details, check the “Go Tokyo” official tourism website at

秋は全国各地で菊花展が行われますが、その中でも、大正4年(1915年)から開催され、質・量ともに日本屈指の菊花展「東京都観光菊花大会」が日比谷公園で開催中です。この展示会では、内閣総理大臣賞や東京都知事賞などの受賞作品をはじめ、盆栽、切り花など約1,000点の菊花が展示されています。開催は11月17日(日)まで。時間は午前10時から夕方4時、最終日のみ12時までとなります。会場は日比谷公園内 草地広場。アクセスは、地下鉄「霞ヶ関」「日比谷」駅から徒歩2分。JR、地下鉄「有楽町」駅をご利用の場合は徒歩7分です。丹精込めて育てられた菊を見て、ぜひ日本の秋を体感してください。詳しい情報は、東京の観光公式サイト GO TOKYO をご覧ください。URLは、 です。

For the full text of today’s announcements, check the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website. The address is

今日の放送内容については、英語版「東京都ホームページ」をご覧ください。アドレスは です。